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Soo yeah

I was smiling at work(a lot) apparently and one of the hostesses asked “why are you always smiling?” I said ” because I choose to be happy” and walked away she just stood there for a bit with a confused look on her face. So I smiled back at her

I was in a really good mood today, and it all started at LensCrafters, went in to re adjust my glasses (my niece stretched them out) I asked the lady that was helping me how her day was going. She looked up paused for a bit (maybe to see if I was actually listening, I was looking at her in the eyes) she smiled and said “my son is in the ICU, but I’m at ease because he’s doing okay” I replied “I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad that he’s doing well, I know that can be rough. She asked if I had any kids, I said I didn’t but I’m an uncle to 5 kids and the reason why I was there was because of my niece Ella (5yrsold) she started laughing and I told her that she enjoys being in my room and playing with my stuff (which I don’t mind) we kept talking and what should have taken less then five minutes took about 15, I showed her pictures of my nieces and nephews and all the antics they do. She then asked me “you love them a lot don’t you” I smiled and said yes. “I can tell, your face lights up when you talk about them. And they must love you a lot to always be around you.” All I could do was smile and say thanks. So after all said and done she thanked me I asked what for. She said “for asking how may day was and actually listen, and for telling me about yourself. You’re a wonderful person and I wish you the best.” I thanked her and said likewise you just made my day. As we stood up she extended her hand to say bye and thank you. So I have her a hug instead, and she hugged me back tightly, I thanked her again and said that I hope all goes well with her son and to a have a wonderful day. She smiled and said you just made it. I felt so good leaving the store I couldn’t help but smile all day.

So yeah ask people how their day is going and actually listen to what they have to say. You may never know how much that can mean to a person.